After many years of working in collage and mixed media, I began exploring ways of using old, discarded books, experimenting with deconstructing and rebuilding them to produce unique pieces of artwork.

The books are variously sourced and carefully selected for their illustrations and character, whilst taking into account my perception of the finished piece. I take pleasure from the fact that I can make use of books in a condition which most people would dismiss as unusable.

For each sculpture I work on, only the illustrations found within the book(s) are used. Adding colour using inks, watercolours and acrylics, enriches and enhances the final effect, giving a sense of depth and energy.

These intricately worked 3D books provide tantalising glimpses into a rich past, becoming miniature worlds, allowing the viewer to simply tumble into them.

As technology threatens to replace the printed word, there has never been a better time to reimagine the book.